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Hamerkwartier adopted

Civic Source at De Zwijger

Good news: desks available

Cocktail shaking at new studio OOVC

The Brutality of Facts

Green corridor meets factory hall

TrueTalker pavilion at FabCity

Upside down IABR model by 1-1-1

Sticky Stones: Bricks of the future

Hamerkwartier adopted

With a personal story on Hamerkwartier and Creative Workspace 1-1-1, we adopted this location as part of the crowdfunding for Arcam's virtual city model.
You can read the story here (in Dutch).

Civic Source at De Zwijger

How to develop a sustainable financial model for bottom-up local initiatives? On March 30th a solution is presented in Pakhuis de Zwijger: the Civic Source. The Civic Source is a social enterprise that generates collective capital to support local initiatives.
More information and registration at De Zwijger

Good news: desks available

1-1-1 is looking for one more company of three to five creative entrepreneurs to join our shared workspace.

Here's the deal: 245 euro per person per month, included:

  • desk + chair in a shared space (900m2)
  • storage
  • shared meeting rooms (2)
  • shared lounge area with fire place
  • shared lunchcorner and pantry
  • wifi (fibre-optic), toilet, cleaning, energy, heating
  • reception for receiving visitors and mail

Additional costs:
(all drinks & lunches arranged by 1-1-1)

  • coffee, tea, fruit, drinks, snacks (4 euro per person per day)
  • joint lunch (4,50 euro per person per day)

Mail or call Studioninedots: info@studioninedots.nl, 020-4889269

Cocktail shaking at new studio OOVC

With lots of 'liquid content' we celebrated the realization of the new editing room of Online/Offline Visual Content.
Here at 1-1-1, we put up a glass house on our little attic and a studio was born. Stefan and Paul now have their own soundproof and transparant film producers workspace.

The Brutality of Facts

Here at 1-1-1, we saw a model for the artist Tudor Bratu coming to live. Studio KU+ created a highly detailed landscape, representing a route demarcated by existing walls, such as the Palestinian-Israeli wall, the American-Mexican wall and the new wall between Turkey and Greece. Bratu states that we build walls around ourselves.
An extra 1-1-1 touch to this project is that the sand, used to represent the landscape, is made from the WasteBasedBricks of StoneCycling.
This piece is part of a groupshow at Marres, sketching a multifaceted picture of present-day migration. (until 27.11.16)

Green corridor meets factory hall

Proud to introduce a Plantwall and Plantwire here at 1-1-1. Green Fortune constructed this Epifyt Office to inspire and stimulate us all to keep in mind the integration of greenery in the urban environment.

TrueTalker pavilion at FabCity

Another 1-1-1-project: at FabCity, the temporaray campus at Java-Island Amsterdam, Studioninedots and StoneCycling designed and built a pavilion with a fireplace right in the heart of it. Because a good campfire triggers storytelling, everyone is invited to sit down, relax and share warming, unreasonable, crazy, unimaginable and hilarious ideas - in addition to the official EU meetings at the nearby Marineterrein.
Here's more TrueTalker-info and a FabCity-vlog on the project.
The TrueTalker is on show until 26 June 2016.

Upside down IABR model by 1-1-1

Studioninedots and Studio KU+ joined forces to assemble a 1:250 model of the Buiksloterham, Amsterdam.
Hanging from the ceiling and presenting a series of very exact projections it is part the Hackable Cityplot installation at the IABR, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2016.

Sticky Stones: Bricks of the future

Reinvent the brick-as-we-know-it!
Together with Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, StoneCycling and Studioninedots have picked up this challange. This spring a series of blogs on the progress can be found here.

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1-1-1 is our working space of 900 m2 in an industrial shed at the Stork site/De Overkant in Amsterdam Noord. It’s a creative working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, an open, social and creative space to work in. An environment where workers can freely roam our busting, social core without disturbing each other. An environment that's buzzing with activity and energy. Because we all believe: work is about collaborating, people & ideas.

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Bricks made from waste
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INAT Kantine
Coffee, lunch & catering

Jean-Marc Saurer
Technical Coaching
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Visual content
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Lesley Moore
Graphic designers

Industrial designer
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Green Fortune
Urban Cultivators
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Architectural consultants

Wallcovering Designers
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Architects combining a fine game of ping pong with changing the world through circular processes.

Studio KU+

Scaling future reality, 24/7 and with that Japanese feeling for details.


And in the right corner: this start-up stands out in waste based bricks.

INAT Kantine

Our daily joy! Just make sure you show up on time for these great meals and tasty bites.

Jean-Marc Saurer

Building technique designed and explained with Swiss precision.


Visual stories converted into awesome corporate film.

Lesley Moore

And in the left corner: graphic design by ‘strip and tease’.


Visual thinking? That’s listening and designing – and then draw solutions by hand.

Green Fortune

Creating the nicest and funkiest gardens around.


Missing link between dream and realisation


No excuse for boring walls.
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